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Obstetrician - Gynecologist - Dr. Shamma

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Prenatal Care & Ultrasounds

Learn more about your baby, and watch them grow through a series of ultrasounds.


Upon your first visit, we will begin with an ultrasound to learn your due date. From there, we will perform another at approximately 19 weeks to examine the baby's brain, heart, spine, stomach, kidneys, length of bones and, if the baby cooperates, the sex. Your final ultrasound will be at about 35-36 weeks gestation in order to evaluate the baby, and to get an estimated weight. 4-D ultrasounds are also available!

Securing the appropriate prenatal care for you and your unborn child is of utmost importance during your pregnancy. Don't wait, when your health is at risk! Contact Dr. Shamma today to schedule an appointment, and get your prenatal care underway.

Electronic Medical Records

Your up-to-date medical records are the most important thing when you're expecting, which is why we have Electronic Medical Records. Your records can be sent to a hospital almost instantly upon your request.


We also provide a service that allows your prescriptions to be sent directly to the pharmacy, so they are ready as soon as you get there!

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Prenatal Screening

For your convenience we offer in-office prenatal screening to look further into the health and wellness of your child. Since we do this on site, as a courtesy to our patients, there is no pre-registering and no waiting involved.


We can screen for a variety of reasons, and find out more in depth information about what your child is doing and how they are growing.

What Does a Prenatal Screening Do?

  • Routine Prenatal Labs

  • CF (Cystic Fibrosis)

  • AFP (Neural Tube-Spinal-Defect)

  • GTT (Glucose Sreening for Gestational Diabetes)

  • & Other Tests as Needed


We also offer referrals for First Trimester screening and Nuchal translucency for Down's syndrome.

What Are the Stages of Pregnancy?

  • First Trimester - Week one through 12  - This trimester includes conception which is when the sperm fertilizes the egg. This is the time in pregnancy that carries the highest risk of miscarriage. The most dramatic changes and development occur during the first trimester.

  • Second Trimester - Week 13 through 28 - This trimester is often called 'the golden period' because it is usually when the negative side effects of early pregnancy dissipate. The fetus has now developed all its organs and systems and the focus shifts to growing in size and weight. Around the middle of this trimester, fetal movement may be felt. 

  • Third Trimester - Week 29 through 40  - As the fetus continues to grow in size and weight, the mother may feel more uncomfortable and may begin to have false labor contractions (Also known as Braxton-Hicks contractions). It is a good idea to attend a childbirth class, especially if it is your first pregnancy, to help you prepare throughout the final weeks.

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